Our inherent sovereignty

*Make written laws over a number of tribal matters currently under provincial and federal legislation.

*Encourage tribal members to become more involved in tribal decision-making.

Our inherent sovereignty

*Continue to increase the tribal land base by lobbying the federal and provincial governments to convert acquired off-reserve lands to reserve status.

*Build a free-trade zone on the reserve.

Our inherent sovereignty

*Encourage the retention of Cree culture among the youth

*Prepare young people for owning and operating their own business

About Us

Location The Montana Indian Reservation, No. 139 is located approximately 90 kilometers south of Edmonton and 3 kilometers east of Highway No. 2A. (see map) It is the smallest First

Our Mission

The Montana First Nation will increasingly exercise its inherent sovereignty and implement its Tribal government. Future endeavors are: take over more and more of the control and administration of programs


Historical Background [su_row][su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] Treaty 6 was negotiated with the Plains and Wood Cree Indians in what is now central Alberta and Saskatchewan at Fort Carlton and Fort

Our Team

John doe
CEO / Founder
Martin Rogger
Delivery Boy
George Williams
jonathan doe

News and Job opportunities

14 January 2020
Montana First Nation Employment Opportunity- Finance Technician

Download: MFN-Finance Technician TOR Under the direct supervision of the Chief Financial Officer, the Finance Technician will be responsible for providing financial, administrative and clerical services. This includes processing and

03 December 2019
Post-Secondary Program

Post-Secondary The Montana Post-Secondary Program provides sponsorship to eligible Montana First Nation member students who are registered in and are either attending or wanting to attend a Post-Secondary Institution. Phone:

03 October 2019
Montana First Nation hosts job fair to get people into the oil and gas industry

Chris Stewart APTN News The Montana First Nation hosted a job fair for people in the community in the hopes of getting people jobs in various industries. More than a