“Montana First Nation and the project team are mindful and sensitive of the current issues facing the community and will be aware of what individuals and families may be going through during the process. The intention of the project is to work together as a community to help the nation plan for a bright, prosperous, and proud future in many ways noted on this page. If you would like to speak to anyone about this, please do not hesitate to reach out to the project team.”

What is the Project About?

Montana First Nation (MFN) is undertaking a significant planning project to create a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) and Land Use Plan (LUP) that will guide the Nation for the next 25 years. The project will create a vision for a prosperous and self-sufficient future for MFN, including economic, social, cultural, infrastructure and environmental aspects. The Community Planning project will involve broad community engagement for both plans, including community workshops, youth and elder engagement, a home visit program, and off-reserve member engagement.

Through engagement with the nation, both Plans will be created by members of Montana First Nation!

What’s Happening?

Community input from all ages is required to create a CCP and LUP that reflects the nation. Stay tuned here for events and opportunities coming up in the community.

Stay tuned here as new community events are posted!

What is a Comprehensive Community Plan?

The CCP will achieve the following:• Establish goals, directions, and broad strategies to guide the future of MFN.
• Provide policy guidance for development, programs, budgets, actions, and services.
• Provide a basis for coordinating decisions of Council and administration.
• Provide a degree of certainty for community members and other governments as to the direction of MFN
The CCP will focus on the following key areas.
• Community Vision • Governance
• Culture and Language • Community Services
• Land and Resources • Economic Prosperity
• Environment and Climate Change • Infrastructure Development and Management

What is a Land Use Plan?

Questions about the land use plan? These are things we want to answer!

• Where are the important ecosystems and traditional land use areas? Can we preserve them?
• Where will new housing be located? How will we design new housing areas to reflect our culture?
• How can we help with existing housing concerns?
• What kind of economic opportunities are there on the land? How can we think outside the box?
• What activities should and shouldn’t occur in different areas of the nation?
• How can we avoid land uses that don’t fit together?
The LUP will help provide recommendations and implementation actions that can be used to leverage funding from other sources to ensure that the community is in a stronger position to use its land for social, economic, and cultural goals.

What About Community Infrastructure?

Ensuring that infrastructure planning is completely aligned with the community’s desires for growth and development is essential. Evaluating the needs of the water system, sanitary sewer system and stormwater system to accommodate the planned community growth will be undertaken to support the CCP / LUP work.

How Can You Get Involved?

Both plans will be truly reflective of the members of Montana First Nation. Community engagement will be a high priority to ensure that all members are represented in the plans and can acknowledge the important generations of the past and creating a better future for the next generations.
You can get involved in the project in a variety of ways.
• Community and Youth Workshops (stay tuned for more information on dates)
• Community Surveys
• Home Visit Program (stay tuned for sign up information)
• Direct feedback to project team members

Project Timeline

Kicking off community engagement in December 2023, the project will begin with an extensive engagement program with opportunities for input and feedback. Following this, the project team will work to develop draft CCP and LUP plans in the Spring of 2024. There will be additional opportunity for input and feedback on the draft plans at this time with the intention of finalizing the plans by late Spring, early Summer 2024.

How will the CCP and LUP be created?

Montana First Nation has received grant funding to hire a multi-disciplinary consultant team to assist with the creation of the Comprehensive Community Plan and Land Use Plan. Bluerock Planning and Latitude Engineering have been chosen as the consultant team to assist with completing the work. After extensive community engagement has been completed, they will combine community feedback with technical expertise to draft the CCP and LUP. The draft documents will then go back for further community engagement and refinement before consideration by Chief and Council.

Project Contacts

Montana First Nation

  • Jodie Currie

Band Administrator



  • Gina Longjohn



Consultant Team Contact

  • Jonathan Schmidt

Bluerock Planning

Project Manager / Lead Planner