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The major focus of the First Nation has in recent years been on education. To that end, the Meskanahk Ka Nipa Wit Community School was built in 1996. In addition, to regular classrooms, the school contains a computer lab, science lab, industrial arts shop, home economics classroom and cree room.
Preserving and fostering Cree language and culture are important for the parents and the leaders. For this there is full-time Cree and cultural instructors. Elders and other resource people from the First Nation are regularly used in the school.

Student enrollment is as follows:

142 students from K-4 to grade 9 who attend Meskanahk Ka Nipa Wit Community School

  • 70 students attend off-reserve schools
  • 30 enrolled in colleges and universities
Many students attend the Maskwachees Cultural College, an accredited community college on the nearby Samson reserve. Others attend universities in Calgary and Edmonton. Community Services The First Nation is committed to providing the best community services for the people of Montana. For this reason it established the following tribal-run entities:
  • Akamkisipatinaw Ohpikihawasowin (AKO) was set up in 1995, in partnership with the Louis Bull First Nation, to provide child care services.
  • AKO operates in conjunction with the recently set up Montana Receiving Home.
  • The Hobbema Police Service was established in 1996 to serve the Montana and Ermineskin policing needs.

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