The Administrator assists the Chief and Council in implementing policy. Duties include:

  • meeting regularly with Chief and Council, staff, band members, Indian Affairs and other government officials.
  • overseeing the departments: administration, membership, social services, farm and ranch, diamond five, security, economic development, housing and public works.
  • supervising all staff

In the past, elections for the positions of Chief and Council have been held each year on a staggered basis. The rationale for this has been to preserve continuity in the tribal government. Beginning in 2002, the elections will be held every three years for the entire Chief and Council positions.


The Tribe occupies a reserve with an area of about 10 square miles within Township 43, Range 24, West of the 4th Meridian. Some members occupy non-reserve lands in the surrounding area which the Tribe has acquired with its own funds.


A Sundance is held once a year during the month of June. During the rest of the summer months various social events such as powwows, rodeos, country and western dances, concerts and baseball tournaments are held.
At other times traditional dances are held to celebrate an assortment of special events.

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